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For Service Providers, By Service Providers


Circe was originally developed for Felton Institute (formerly Family Service Agency of San Francisco) and used for seven years across multiple programs. The product was the key to taking the struggling 129-year-old nonprofit from the brink of bankruptcy to becoming a leading innovator in the mental health and social services sector.


Circe Software, Inc. was founded in 2011 to make Circe solutions available to human service providers worldwide. A group of human service agencies comprised our early customers. We worked in partnership with them to test the product’s feasibility and fine-tune the framework to work seamlessly across program types and business models.

Mission Driven


We are a social enterprise. We are a for profit corporation with a mission to provide human services nonprofits affordable, cutting-edge, cloud-based solutions that help them better manage their business. The success of our customers and their ability to better serve their clients is our primary concern.

The Best of Both Worlds

Our leadership team combines the best of both worlds—innovative social services nonprofit management and for-profit software industry expertise

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