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Kenji Paschen
Chief Technology Officer

Kenji is the head of Felton's CIRCE development, sales, and customer support team with over 30 years of software development experience supporting in-house systems and external clients. Kenji also manages CIRCE’S daily operation, sales & marketing ventures. Bringing innovative and affordable social services case management solutions to community-based organizations.

Biwesh “B” Pradhan, MS
Associate Director

Biwesh has a background in Computer Engineering  with

13 years of experience in the

IT industry. He is passionate about Technology in Healthcare and how it can empower individuals to be

and do more. A teacher at heart, Biwesh believes that Technology in the hands of great teachers is truly transformational.

Zhen Zhao, MDP
Certified Application Architect

Zhen is the Salesforce  

Certified Application Architect of Felton’s CIRCE,

covering over 30 programs with over 200 end-users,

and the solution expert to supporting 19 nonprofit partners totaling over 400

end-users. Zhen specializes

in the transformation of

end-user stories and operational needs to system  customizations to focus on data analytics.

Julia Godzikovskaya, MA
Certified Salesforce Administrator

Julia has a background in positive psychology and

survey research. She started using CIRCE while working

on Felton's Research team

and truly developed an  appreciation of its flexibility and data management capabilities. Julia’s area of expertise is Quantitative and qualitative research, implementation, reports, dashboards, and training.

Tieu Ly
CIRCE Supervisor

Tieu has a background in Industrial Design and a

long career in non-profit program management. Industrial design is about identifying needs and delivering products and solutions to meet this

need. As part of the CIRCE team and someone who sees from both sides, his goal is to narrow the gap.

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