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Circe Software is not a typical software company. We envision a world where:

  • Organizations providing critical human services spend more time serving their clients

  • Staff members are happier and more productive because they are empowered to spend their time in ways that best serve their organization’s mission

  • Transparency, compliance and accountability are simply, securely and efficiently managed

The Power of Salesforce

CIRCE is proud to work closely with Salesforce and the Salesforce Foundation to bring affordable, adaptable information management solutions to the business and non-profit worlds.

CIRCE is built on the platform so it is:
  • Easy-to-implement - eliminates hardware costs and infrastructure overhead.
  • Adaptable - Easily modified to meet the needs of multiple departments/programs.
  • Complete - One platform for managing cases, measuring performance, reporting outcomes, and billing
  • Integrated - Enables cross-department data.
  • Secure - Ensures data security and compliance with rules and regulations including HIPAA.
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